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26. 1. 2012


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(JamesRer, 8. 10. 2019 19:01)

"The first team meeting we had, I said 'If you do it in the game, they're going to throw you out and you're hurting the team, so you can't do it," said Pagano, the Colts' fourth-year coach. "If they cross the line and guys fight, then you guys saw two guys leave our practice field. This is no different. Coach (John) Fox is sending the same message that I send."
"It's a huge blow," rookie receiver Amari Cooper said. "He's our starting quarterback and the leader of our offense. We need him. We'll see how it plays out."
"We play him everywhere. He knows the nickel, the corner, the safety, the joker, the dime. He can play a lot of different spots for us," Del Rio said. "When you learn safety, you're forced to learn all those different positions and you have a great feel for how it all ties together. I see his confidence growing."
Two years after moving from running back to cornerback for the Oakland Raiders, Jones is going back to the offensive side of the ball.
The Bears have never played a 3-4 and had only 11-year veteran Jeremiah Ratliff listed on their roster at the nose tackle position during their minicamp this week. Ratliff, who is a player Goldman said he idolized, spent much of his career playing tackle in a 4-3.

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